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Rendezvous on the Viewing Platform

Rooftop rendezvous – romantic view of the old city

Catherine Art Hotel presents a unique service – romantic rooftop rendezvous in St. Petersburg. Hotel has a viewing platform on the roof of the building that used to belong to the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria. The platform rises above the roofs of the historic city centre. It offers an unforgettable view of the city and the Neva.

Romantic date on the rooftop for just the two of you - you can make it happen. Invite your loved one to a romantic dinner in the privacy of a rooftop overlooking historic parts of St. Petersburg, and tell him/her “I love you”. And if you are already a married couple, a rooftop rendezvous will serve as a perfect opportunity to refresh your feelings and show your dear one how important he/she is to you.

Rooftop rendezvous is an unforgettable experience. It will be one of the best memories that will stay in your heart forever.

Included in the service:

“The rooftop rendezvous” is designed for two people and lasts 1.5 hours. The price includes:

  • 30-minute photo session;
  • Plaids and cushions;
  • Sparkling wine and fruit platter;
  • Background music for romantic mood.

Cost of the rooftop rendezvous is RBL 7500 for hotel guests and RBL 8500 for non-hotel guests.

Extras available for booking:

  • Decoration with heart shaped balloons – RBL 3000;Decoration with heart shaped balloons – RBL 3000;
  • Fresh flower bouquet delivery – RBL 2500;
  • Violin/guitar live music – RBL 2500 per hour.

Why is the rooftop rendezvous so romantic?

Viewing platform is located on the roof of the building which used to belong to the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from an unusual perspective normally available to drone operators only. So, you can enjoy a stunning view of the historic centre of St. Petersburg and see many renowned landmarks. You can see them perfectly well, and yet, the landmarks are not always easily recognized due to an unusual perspective, that’s when an exciting “guess what” game begins.

You’ll be above the whole of St. Petersburg, and there’ll be just the two of you. That kind of unusual combination creates memories that will stay with you for a long time. Besides that, you will have pictures and videos to take home and show your friends. From time to time, you’ll watch them again and relive exciting emotions.

Telling your dear one “I love you” on the rooftop is unusual and romantic not only for the city visitors, but also for the locals, as not many of them had a chance to be on the top tier of the city.

The view from the observation deck is nothing like the one that opens from windows or balconies of multi-storey buildings. The reason is that there are no residential high rises in the city centre, they are situated in the city outskirts. Besides, being on a viewing platform creates totally different impressions. It’s a little higher than the roofs, so no other buildings, except for the cupolas of the nearby Basilica of St. Catherine, interfere with the view, that’s why the latter is so good.

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