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Photo Session on the Viewing Platform

Photo session on the roof: a flight of fantasy and extraordinary aesthetics

St. Petersburg is a city of exceptional beauty. Everyone who visited the Northern Capital at least once took souvenir photos, because one can’t help taking a photo of themselves on the background of the city’s beautiful sights. Catherine Art Hotel opens a panoramic view onto the one of the most beautiful cities and offers a photo session on the roof in St. Petersburg. You will get a lot of exciting emotions and really unusual photos. Professional photographer will help you view yourself differently and see how beautiful you are. Rooftop photo session in St. Petersburg means bright and memorable moments captured in pictures.

Catherine Art Hotel is conveniently located in the very centre of the Cultural Capital of Russia - in Nevsky Prospect. The height of the roof allows for a lovely panoramic view of the historic city centre. Lively streets and majestic buildings can be a great background for unusual pictures, which will get hundreds of likes in social media.

Rooftop photo session in St. Petersburg: details of the service

Hotel guests are accompanied to the viewing platform by a guide who knows a lot about the historic city centre. Professional photographer will take into account every wish of the customer and capture a special moment. Unique photos on the background of the well-known landmarks, picturesque cupolas of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and St. Isaac’s Cathedral will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Accompanied by our professional staff, you shouldn’t be afraid of height – they will guide you a tour and take care of your safety. Rooftop photo session lasts one hour, during which time the photographer will be photographing you choosing the best angles for the photos. We understand that we all want beautiful pictures, but not all of us are professional photographic models. The photographer will help you feel at ease and relax, so that every captured image is great. A photo session can also be arranged within the hotel. Like the city itself, it’s full of special creative atmosphere. Each interior location is art-inspired, remarkable and unique. Professional photos made in the city streets will add diversity to your photo album. You can be sure they will complement it perfectly. Try yourself as a photographic model or give that possibility to your dear ones, and it will help you raise self-esteem and get lots of enthusiastic comments.

How to book the service, costs and types of photo sessions in the Catherine Art Hotel

Photo session on our hotel rooftop is very popular, so we recommend that you book it in advance. You’d better do it at lease I day before the desired shooting. There are several options how you can do it:

  • visit the “Rooftop Viewing Platform” section on the hotel website when booking your room;
  • contact Front Desk staff while staying at the hotel;
  • call or Whatsapp us at: +7 921 788 10 09.

Not only do we offer our customers the service of a professional photographer and an unforgettable guided visit to the viewing platform, but we also offer a possibility to book a walking photo session with a private photographer. Cost of a 1-hour hotel rooftop photo session is RBL 4000 per person, while a walking photo session, which takes place in the city streets and squares, next to the renowned architectural landmarks, and lasts 2 – 2,5 hours, costs only RBL 5000.

Don’t miss out on admiring St. Petersburg from above and receiving lifelong impressions. Book a rooftop photo session on the Catherine Art Hotel viewing platform in St. Petersburg today. And we will do everything best so that you can implement your most interesting ideas.