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I love Petersburg “Секрет”

Yes, that is exactly so, and I will gladly subscribe to the line of the lyrical character of Mike Naumenkoin his song “Песняпростогочеловека” (“A Song of an Ordinary Man”).There were lots of bands: “Аквариум” (“Aquarium”), and “Кино” (“Kino”), and “Зоопарк” (“Zoopark”), and “Странныеигры” (“StrannyeIgry”), and“Янелюблю «Землян»...”(“Ya ne liublu “Zemlyan”…”). But today it is all about “Секрет” (“Sekret”).

However, it usually happens that you like a song or a band, but when you have listened to it many times, you gradually get tired of it and then forget it altogether and never remember it again. But it was quite the opposite with “Секрет” (“Sekret”).

Once upon a time there was a young Moscovite. Let us say he was 14. And it just so happened that the beat-quartet “Секрет” (“Sekret”) became extremely popular all around the USSR that year. They were practically everywhere: in the TV programme “UtrennyayPochta” (“Morning Post”), in the film “Kak Stat’ Zvezdoy” (“How to Become a Star”), and whenever you turned on the radio or TV you would hear them singing “Privet!”(“Hello!”) .

But first, the Moscovite did not like them. “No, really, they are just some clowns. Dressed like “The Beatles”, except that they are not “The Beatles”…” The Moscovitealready knew a little about music then.

Perhaps, he just needed to grow up a bit so that he could understand. You get older and one day you suddenly know what it is about: “Hello, you will live long, I was just thinking of you at lunch time...” And at a certain moment you feel you really like it.

As for “Privet!”(“Hello!”), here is what the Moscovite thought one day:

So,MaxLeonidovissinging, “Iamnotdressedfortheweather this morning”. And here comes a question put forward by the Moscovite, you have one minute to answer it, starting now, “How is it possible not to get dressed for the weather in St.Pete, if, from the point of view of Moscovites, the weather in St.Pete is ALWAYS bad?”

Alexander Druz answers, “Firstly, don’t start about the weather, we have normal weather in St.Pete. If it is cold, dress warmer, and there won’t be any trouble. Secondly, it is not mentioned in the song that it all happens in St.Pete. So, the question is irrelevant…”

Your answer is clear. Okey, here is another version.“Let us say, a lyrical character happened to spend the night not at home but somewhere else. And in the morning, the weather has changed radically, that surely happens even in St.Pete!”

Pretty good version, isn’t it? However, it does not feel right when you read the line “But as to my private life – hello…” And that, too, you only know when you get older.

Well, okey, those are just sentiments. The main thing that I wanted to say I have already said more than once, “I love Petersburg “Секрет” (“Sekret”).