Будьте бдительны! Оплачивайте проживание в отеле только через форму бронирования. Attention! Pay for your stay at the hotel only through the booking form.
Address: 32-34, letter A, Nevsky Prospect,
Adventure begins
If you are a foreign bank cardholder you can pay for your stay at our hotel when booking a room on our website.

About Catherine Art Hotel

Do you love St.Pete? Oh, you do? That’s great! So we will have something to discuss in depth over dinner, or touch easily over a morning cup of coffee.

Notyet? So we will do everything to make you love our city the way we love it, and you will definitely have your own St.Pete.

Welcome to theCatherineArtHotel!

As of this moment, you are our guest. You will get not only a convenient location at the very centre of the Nevsky Prospect, European rooms designed in a classical St.Petersburg style, an ambience of a classy home, cosiness and comfort, but also an excellent service and, of course, facilities (but we will talk about them later).

We welcome those who come here on business and those who come here to relax, have fun and learn something interesting as well. And we do guarantee that our guests will definitely learn something interesting. You can come here for long, or only a few days, or just a weekend, and remember your stay forever.

Nevsky Prospect is the heart of St.Petersburg, and our hotel is located right in its centre. Here there will be no need to make anything special to “getimmersed in the atmosphere” or “get imbued with the spirit” of St.Petersburg. The atmosphere and the spirit of St.Petersburg will find and envelop you in the best possible way and without any effort on your part. You can book a guided tour, but even a simple evening stroll along the Nevsky can turn into a real Magical Mystery Journey for many.

You will see, learn and feel “our St.Pete” that is so completely different for everyone.

State St.Petersburg with its palaces, castles and bridges; or St.Pete with its courtyards. St.Petersburg of Pushkin, Gogol and Dostoyevsky; Leningrad of Harms, Brodsky and Dovlatov; St.Pete of BG, Mike and Tsoy; and many more other St.Petes. But the most important thing is that all of them are real. And all of them begin here, in the Nevsky Prospect, just around the corner from our hotel.

You will fall in love with St.Pete. And something very good will certainly happen to you while you are here, something that you will remember, and you will think “I cannot wait to go to St.Pete again!”

CatherineArtHotelis in the heart of St.Petersburg, in the centre of the Nevsky Prospect. And it is at the centre of afascinating history and of manyextraordinary stories too. From now on, you are our guest and our friend!

CatherineArtHotel is located in 32-34, Nevsky Prospect, on the territory of the object of federal importance “Roman Catholic Church of St.Catherine of Alexandria”, hencethenameofthehotel. When creating hotel interiors, historic elements of the 19-century decor as well as antique brickwork and walls have been preserved as much as possible.

CatherineArtHotelis not only a convenient location for business and leisure travellers, but also a unique combination of history and modernity. Comfortable rooms, European service and hospitality of the people who love their city and who regard each and every guest first of all as their friend.

CatherineArtHotel – in the heart of St.Pete, in the centre of the Nevsky.

Come to St.Petersburg!